|> Becoming an effective executive

Are You Effective? How Much Does Your Leadership Matter?

 The Effective Executive Initiative

Are you able to achieve what most important for your business or organization? On your own? ...through others?

We know effective executive leadership...

_ starts with modeling, demonstrating what's expected

_ is a challenge to develop in others when not personally achieved

_ occurs when all leaders are aligned and cohesive

_ is difficult to develop in a busy high-demand environment

With this in mind, we recommend that you start with you. Stage 1 tests and develops, where needed, the core components of effectiveness at the senior executive level; how you think, what you see, what you decide and how you execute. The outcomes we help you achieve are very much aligned with Peter Drucker's findings described in The Effective Executive.

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|> The effective executive initiative - 3 stages

How We Help

We help...

1 - owners and senior leaders become more effective within 90 days so they can quickly improve value and results without disruptions to their schedule and enormous coaching fees. I think you'll be surprised, even shocked at our pricing. That's why we are so confident in the substantial ROI you will receive. (Stage 1)

2 - then help them build effective management teams - as Drucker suggests "leading throughout" the organization - (building leader/manager teams that can be fully trusted) so they can stay free to focus on growth and not be be bogged down with operations and people problems. (Stage 2 & 3)

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✴️ Stage 1 - Personal Effectiveness - Laying the Foundation

Investment: $2,575.00

(Though you can go at your own pace, this 60-day short cycle development opportunity is designed to be rolled out in weekly steps with live-weekly feedback, accountability.

Step1: Strategic Planning: Stepping Back to See Forward - Big Picture Thinking / Thinking Macro

- in my context what needs to be achieved? What needs have to be met?

- what is right for the enterprise right now? - my area of responsibility for the organization as a whole/ all stakeholders

  • Consider strategic plan
  • Business objectives
  • Other considerations unique to your role / company (e.g. board expectations)
  • Is there anyone or group of people you need to confirm your answers with?

Outcome: Gain a clear sense of what’s needed

Step 2: Strategic Execution: Planning Action & Time Usage

- Create an action plan - what do I need to be doing to address and meet needed results?

- What weekly, bi-weekly actions do I need to be doing = micro results serve macro results.

- Tie your action to time by time-mapping - how will I align my time to achieve needed results

Outcome: Effective planning and action

Step 3: Strategic Assessment

- Asses results in short time cycles - hitting micro-results to achieve macro results

- Assess usage of time

- Assess decisions made

Outcome: Continuous refinement of execution

Step 4: Measuring Improvements & Collecting Organizational Intel

- What did you learn about yourself?

- What did you learn about those you lead?

- Your organization?

- Other Stakeholders?

Outcome: Reality check - collecting operational intel / closing your blind spots 

View the short video on Organizational Blind Spots video below. | Download the Executive Summary


✴️ Leading Throughout - Stage 2  - Effective Organizational Management  

Investment: $5,750.00 | 1-3 participants from your executive leadership or senior leadership team

A 90 day implementation using the Effective Executive Blueprint for Smart Management (the All-in-One Tool with 9 core building blocks) to work with your senior leadership team and lay the foundation for developing your 3rd or 4th tier leadership/management team. You'll start with assessing your organization & senior leadership team (use findings from Stage 1 - Step 4)

  • Assess
  • Diagnose
  • Craft a Growth Plan
  • Successfully Execute

All this can be done from the blueprint and with your first on-boarding session. Check out the 15 minute video preview for the blueprint - click here

Included in this stage are additional resources that can be used to establish wants needed for being a high-performance leadership team. 

✴️ Stage 3 - Full Deployment - All Levels of Management


Option 1: Based on # of participants -depending on size of your company 

Option 2: No roll-out time frame, freely use the Blueprint and all corresponding resources (entire dedicated website of content) - one year - $12,500


|> The Effective Executive - LEADING Throughout

Organizational Effectiveness

View this 9 minute video briefing that talks about why organizational impact is apart of being an effective executive. Using our blueprint mitigates organizational blind spots, that blindside you and undermine your leadership efforts.

Thoughts On Pricing

|> Pricing Context 

- The average executive certification program ranges from $2,500 - $16,000 per participant.

- The average cost of a senior management AMA (American Management Association) 1 or 2-day course for a singular topic is about $2,200 - $2,500 per person with a strict policy of refunding or transfer if chosen dates don’t work. They are information dumps with no implementation support, not tied to real-time business objectives, no measures of success or financial roi (return-on-investment) and no accountability or support post-event.

We focus on the #1 development need, with laser-focused learning, tightly targeted to real-time business growth and/or operational needs with live, weekly support for a combined (both stages) 120 days...at minimum.


|> Making the Decision to Invest

Throughout our 22 years in the industry of leadership-management training and development, we've noticed a common pattern when making a decision to invest. 

Everyone is looking for the best value and return-on-investment. And so, the value is assessed by these 3 common criteria: 

- volume of information

- complexity of information

- source of information such as certification from a prestigious university

And yet it's very possible that none of these will translate into becoming more effective. As Peter Drucker observed:  Increasing intelligence, knowledge, or activity does not necessarily increase the ability to achieve needed results. Being effective resides solely in executing the behaviors to achieve the most important outcomes. It is simply a matter of willingness, desire to generate a prescribed set of actions over a period of time...to commit to the discipline of being effective...which he observed is rare. None of the 3 common criteria is needed for this.

Additionally, traditionally the value of "training" is seen in the consumption of information - not the application of it. Our model > training and the most important learning takes place during the application of newly acquired information in real-time, relevant situations within the operation. Your classroom is your business or area of responsibility. This is the ideal training approach.

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|> Not Investing could be costing you

It's very common for decision-makers to hesitate making a training and development investments. That's perfectly understandable, because that industry does an abysmal job of financially calculating the value.

This is one of the significant and distinct advantages of working with us. We remove your "FOS" - fear of spending. We know who to and help you to measure financial gains throughout the initiative. This video demonstrates that. Download your notes-docs Enjoy!

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