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Over the years I've noticed a significant need for middle management and senior leader development and support. There are very few effective senior leadership training courses. There is a lot of pressure to get results with, many times, little to no help.  And, what I continually see in the market, just doesn't seem adequate.

I really wanted to fill this gap. I wanted to offer meaningful, affordable support that actually gets measurable results. That's why our development model is continuous. We stay with you for extended periods of time with straight forward pricing.

Confidential Sounding Board - Trusted Advisor

You know that phrase "It's lonely at the top"? Well, we've experienced for many senior leaders that phrase has proven to be true. 

Many leaders have difficulty finding a confidential, discerning and trusted resource to express thoughts and needs to gain clarity and maintain positive energy from which to function and make critical decisions – in essence to function at their best in the midst of challenges or a transition. 

And so…many confide in fellow colleagues who may have a vested or competing interest, and therefore do not provide the independent, unbiased input they need. Or, they may work with other business advisors who do not have the specific expertise needed to adequately address their issues.

The bottom line?... to be and lead at their best, leaders need a confidential place to talk, process, be real and brutally truthful, stripping away barriers and pretension -- removing any fear of judgment. They need to be able to lead with clarity, confidence and positive energy. They need someone who will speak truth to them operating for their highest good. With our insights and experience with human behavior in business, that's where we come in. It's clear to us, every senior or executive leader needs someone with an expertise in human behavior on their advisory team. We'd like to be on yours...even if it's only for 60 days. 


Executive Management Development

How We Help

Executive Management Development

|> Managing Myself - Personal Effectiveness

The 3 Disciplines - How to Boost Your Executive Effectiveness in 60 Days

This a prelude to the smart management blueprint roll-out or as a stand-alone executive management development initiative. You can't be an effective leader without disciplined execution.

Investment: $2,650.00 for a 60-day cycle - weekly, live accountability and feedback for 2 months with tracked, weekly outcomes. 

One-Time Strategic Planning/Executive Feedback Session

A one time 90-120 minute assessment & strategic mapping session - $750.00 - $950.00 depending on advisory need.  Contact Us to inquire about this option and request a time. Just a reminder - we provide a complimentary 30 min. Q&A - we recommend taking advantage of this first.

This is offered to get unstuck, jumpstart improvements, an operational assessment using the blueprint, gain clarity for better decision-making.  You'll walk away with a plan from which you can immediately take action with calculated financial measurements. You can add implementation support sessions as needed.

|> Managing Others - Executive Management

a. Cultivating an Effective Senior Leadership Team

Senior Team Development - click here.   | 2nd & 3rd Tier Management Development

b. Leading & Cultivating a Cohesive Management Team Through-out the Organization

The Effective Executive's Blueprint for Smart Management

This is the learning, use and deployment of the executive management blueprint that simultaneously helps you diagnose needs, identify an action plan for quick results and work with a system to get and keep your finger on the pulse of your organization..and to firmly have in place a reliable approach to "manage your managers".

 See our short intro videos. 

> I want to learn and use it on my own > 3-6 month roll-out & support: $5,750.00 / includes a complete website of corresponding content.

> I want to learn and use it with my senior team > 3- 4 executive leaders - collaborative roll-out of the blueprint - $12,750.00 - 15,750.00

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