Why Most Management Training Doesn't Work

So, here’s the 2 most important facts every decision-maker needs to know about why current, popular management training doesn’t work...and why it sets you up to waste two critical business assets - time and money.

1). Current offerings are designed to be passive learning - single, short learning events. Yet, the desire to get training suggests there is an expectation of skill development. Skill development takes time. It does not occur from a single learning event. Talking about (learning about) a skill...does not a skill make.

2). Their content is primarily random, buffet style, single topic options. There is no continuity of content and ongoing support that provides time for development to occur. Once learning happens, you’re on your own. It’s the spray and pray approach - spray out the information and hope something sticks...but those offering the training generally are not around so see or support that.

Result? Your expectations aren’t met, money & time wasted, the needs of the business continue to suffer, fear of spending increases... all which continues to undermine the very results you’re trying to achieve.

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