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You know what really bothers me when I'm looking for help? When I come to a website to learn what a company offers and then I have to jump through a bunch of hoops to find the information I'm looking for: 

- What do you offer?

- How does it apply to me?

- Can you give a sample so that can I get a meaningful sense of how it works and...drum roll, please.

- How much does it cost?

I vowed never to do that in my business. So...here you go. By the way, you'll notice instead of using the word cost, I use investment. That's because everything we offer comes with a demonstrated financial return-on-investment. For example, calculating it at each step is embedded in the blueprint.


Summary of Services


Stand alone - 1 time - advisory or strategic planning session 90 min. - $750.00


Effective Executive Initiative

Stage 1: 60 day cycle - $2,750.00 - Developing personal/executive effectiveness

Stage 2: 90 day cycle - $5750.00 - Effective Executive Smart Management Blueprint rollout to senior leadership team

Stage 3: 90 day cycle - rolling out The Smart Managment Blueprint to extended management team / 3rd & 4th tier. - investment based on #of participants - typicaly customized.


Keynotes & Breakouts - $6,500-7,500 plus travel

Leadership Retreat - Facilitator -  $7,500-15,000 / plus travel - 1/2 day, full day, 2 day


Free: See mini-courses link above - each course has its own link

Paid - coming soon


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