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Thinking About an Executive Leadership Partner?

 The coaching and training industry creates a lot of unproductive noise that wastes too much time on stuff that just doesn't matter. It wastes your precious assets - time and money.

Why You Should Work With Me

Simply put, I help you quickly get results because I see what most others don't. I am deeply insightful about human behavior in business and highly pragmatic about how to apply that insight to rapidly improve. 

Why rapid? Because everything about business is about behavior. A behavior produces a result - the ones you want and the one ones you don't want. Even if you improve a process, the underlying behavior, if not addressed, will remain and problems will once again resurface.

Ultimately every business leader needs someone like me - an advisor that can use behavior insights to bring quick clarity for swift improvement.


JoAnn Corley-Schwarzkopf | Executive Advisor

Here's What You Should Know 

> We have 4 business owners/leaders in our immediate family - we live what you live.

> My experience and expertise in human performance/ behavior over the past 22 years has given me the ability to quickly sort out and diagnose issues. (I'd like to call myself the Dr. of Biz Ops...but I don't think folks would take me seriously).

> Some people - clients - say I have a gift and am a skilled strategic thinker. I have an innate ability to marry people acumen with business acumen in a unique, highly effective way. I've cumulatively helped clients save, recaptured, redeploy and/or improve revenue in the millions.

> I am passionate about helping others. I have "a thing" about getting results. It's just deeply satisfying. I love working with the stuff that really matters.

Along The Way

Along the way, I've also been considered a professional speaker. Over the past years, I've spoken through-out North America providing keynotes, facilitating panels, providing breakouts, and public workshops in every state and major city. 

Cumulatively, I've facilitated thousands of workshop on a variety of topics the most popular of which have been emotional intelligence, performance management, creative thinking, time and productivity management, holistic talent management and effective executive leadership.


Other Notables

- I'm considered a Globally recognized HR & Management Influencer 

- Was part of the Future of Work IBM Fluencer Group,  

- Been quoted or featured in major news pubs such as NBC News, Daily Telegraph UK,  Harvard Business Review, SHRM National, HR Magazine, Monster.com, Salesforce.com, Huffington Post, and Smerconish.com to name a few.

- Named to multiple top lists - some global - related to HR, management, even marketing in my space |      

- Consistently named to multiple lists including 2019 Most Inclusive HR Influencer,  2018 Top 50 Global HR Influencer, top 100 HR & Management Experts to follow in 2017: Top 300 Women in HR Technology , 2017 – 50 Unstoppable Women in HR, 2017 -Top 100 Octoleader

- Been on radio shows across the country

- Am a LinkedIn Learning course author - courses translated into multiple languages

- Authored multible books

But one thing is crystal clear..none of this matters if you don't get the results you need when you work with me. I want you to confidently spend your money knowing it won't be wasted...and be able to say you've finally found an advisor, partner you can rely upon.

If you need a discussion about what's going on in your business - a soundboarding with a discerning ear - schedule a complimentary Q&A call, you talk, I listen...a lot!


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The Value of An Advisor

#1 Critical Area To Have An Advisor

Here's an area that we've discovered is a significant need.  You know that phrase "It's lonely at the top"? Well, we've experienced for many owners and senior leaders that phrase has proven to be true. Many leaders have difficulty finding a confidential, discerning and trusted resource to express thoughts and needs (my phrase is be "brutally honest") to gain clarity and maintain positive energy from which to function and make critical decisions – in essence to function at their best in the midst of a particular challenge or transition.

Decisions are the building blocks of your business. Skilled decision-making is a critical need for every leader.. and yes, it is a skill that can be developed. Every decision generates an outcome with an immediate and long term effect with a positive or costly financial impact.

And so…

many confide in fellow colleagues who may have a vested or competing interest, and therefore do not provide the independent, unbiased input they need. Or, they may work with other business advisors who do not have the specific expertise needed to adequately address the issue. - See article 5 Must Have Tips for Hiring An Executive Coach

The bottom line?... to be and lead at their best, leaders need a confidential place to talk, process, be real and brutally truthful, stripping away barriers and pretension -- removing any fear of judgment. They need to be able to lead with clarity, confidence and positive energy. They need someone who will speak truth to them operating for their highest good. The news is littered with executive leaders who did not have or seek this.

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