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We've developed a groundbreaking resource to train and develop effective leader/managers...that actually works!  

Why It Works...Everytime?

> Because we honestly address 4 unavoidable truths:

1. If you operate as an employee based business, you will need competent , effective managers.

2. To sustainably achieve this takes time and money.

3. Developing effective leader/managers means acquiring new and improved capabilities and skills - which means ongoing change. The reality is some change can be immediate, however, sustained, cemented change takes time.

4. Successful leadership & management begins at the top - with owners and senior leaders. They set the example and create a culture where training and development results live, can be reinforced and thrive.

>We adhere to and pratically implement this philsophy:

"Success isn't born, it's made. To us, success is a science. We don't believe in luck, fate or magic — only cause & effect. Our methods focus on the things with "causality", not socialpopularity. We follow results and data, not the crowd." - Sam Ovens  Our design and support, help you do the same.

With This in Mind

Our solution takes the stress and “fos” (fear of spending) out of training and developing managers. You can be absolutely confident you will get the results you want and need!...and you can test this at no cost!.

If you or your managers are ready to stop the stressful practice of trial & error, ad hoc management read on... Or, if you want to geek out with a complete, detailed explanation of what we offer and why you should consider working with us, download our executive summary here. 

* Did you know almost all training resources offered today, set you up to fail and waste money? 

View: Why Most Management Training Doesn't Work

 JoAnn Corley-Schwarzkopf | Founder

 JoAnn Corley-Schwarzkopf | Founder


our ONe-of-kind solution

1). Management training & development via a finely-tuned, proven and tested blueprint - we’ve crafted a 9 step (building blocks) 3 stage roadmap that simultaneously, improves operations and people management, meets targeted business objectives while developing your managers' capabilities - all through the strategic use of human behavior science (simple cause & effect). 

Through our experience with human behavior in business, the blueprint is designed to address high-impact areas of results-orientated people management that produce a positive financial impact within each step. That’s 9 opportunities to improve your “profit-ability” while growing your managers and teams.

== > Key Results: It will take your people management from absent, ad hoc, inconsistent, directionless, conflicting, confusing, haphazard, unpredictable, low accountability, hit and miss results (which all result in ineffectiveness) to structured, systematic, predictable, reliable, cohesive, accountable, controlled, and results orientated - which produce efffective outcomes. 

2). Delivery Model:  live, weekly continuous learning with ongoing support, corresponding digital content, Q&A, case studies, etc. for as long as is needed to get the results you need. This is a very unusual approach. Though the blueprint is designed to be initially rolled-out within 90 days so that you can quickly get results and experience a measurable financial impact, you can go at your own pace and we’ll be with you every step of the way... for as long as you need! We are committed to helping you get the results you’re paying for.

Why this delivery model should matter to you? 

If you really want to go beyond your management training as 'just a nice thing to do, when or if we can afford it...", we know as human behavior experts, (and this has been our frustration in our industry) that continuous accountability and constructive support of implementation over a period of time is the only way  to achieve measurable, improved capabiilties and skill development .

So, you can provide this or we can do so while helping you naturally integrate it into your daily operations. This is also part of the blueprint design. We see management training not as a one-time event to purchase, but as a developmental experience over time which includes building a management foundation and infrastructure through behaviors.  This is way beyond just “skill improvement” for just a few people.

3). Pricing: And here’s the shocking part, we’re very transparent about your investment...so much so, we share it right here on the website. Who does that? No guessing, jumping through hoops, opt-ins, etc. As a fellow business owner, I respect your time and ability to make a decision that’s best for your business. Click here to learn how to work with us.

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Start With Your Exec. Leadership


I mentioned as truth #4 - effective management starts at the top - with core leaders. How about you? Are you an effective senior leader, founder or business owner? We've created an opportunity for you to test that! The 3 Disciplines - Boost Your Executive Effectiveness in 60 Days. Inspired by Peter Drucker's book - The Effective Executive - it's a prelude to the blueprint and a chance to work with us with limited investment while gaining financially meaningful results. Learn more

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No matter where you turn, you can probably find a story of a manager gone bad or a good manager who struggles because they're not confident or competent in managing people or someone recently promoted with little to no support. That's why we've created a referral program. 

You gain a generous referral fee by offering help to those you know could truly benefit from what we offer. Learn more here

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There is a huge corporate blind spot when it comes to management training. Have you noticed it? It's evident by the relentless stories about incompetent managers or one more person added to the pool of the promoted with no training or support. 

And, it truly defies common sense. Managers have a direct impact on all parts of a business! Yet statistically, there is more money spent on recruiting - acquiring talent - than ensuring those managing that talent are capable! So, we just have to ask the most obvious question. Why?

After 22+ years in the industry, I decided to write this short book to answer that question from my years of observation. Honestly, it was a challenge to narrow it down to 10. So, I chose the 10 that if addressed, would be simple to act on and have the broadest positive financial impact. 

So, If you’re a decision-maker regarding management training and development, this will be the most powerful and profitable piece of content you’ll read in a while - that is… if you act on the information. You'll find it to be direct and straight to the point. In fact, many pages will have just a few words - perfect for the busy speed reader. Ha! 

This booklet has 3 sections. The first is the top reasons why. Then, if you really care…if it really matters…if you really are tired of ad hoc, trial and error, throw it up against the wall and see if it sticks attempts at training that really don't work, Section 2 will help you calculate the potential cost of not having effective training – which most folks don’t know how to do.

And then…I hope that will be eye-opening and motivating enough to act on the solutions and recommended resources provided in Section 3. This section has proven solutions so that you can confidently take immediate action. They will absolutely get you meaningful, measurable financial results. Section 3 also contains some bonus articles you won't want to skip.

By the way, we call the “throw it up against the wall” approach the spaghetti method. There is also the spray and pray method...spray out a bunch of information - information dumps - and pray they get it…hopefully…at least something.

Just thinking here…hope is not a rational business strategy …#justsayin. How about we override hope with practical information and meaningful action!  Enjoy the read! 


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