Effective Leaders Are Smart Managers.

| Premise & Mission |

Premise #1: We work with this fundamental, unavoidable truth: If you are an employee-based business, for a leader at any level, becoming a skilled people manager is not an option.

#2: Effective executive leadership must include development of your extended management team or your effectiveness will be diminished.

#3: Effective leadership and management is fundamentally about understanding and knowing how to work with human behavior.

#4: To successfully achieve this, you don't need just another management "course" - you need a sustainable management system.

Mission | We enable executive leaders and their extended leader/manager teams to become skilled people managers, measurably boosting their effectiveness and "profit-ability" within 90 days without major disruptions to their schedule, enormous coaching fees and all consuming consulting initiatives.

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|> Effective leadership is also successful people management

Many leaders don't know how to effectively manage people nor develop an extended management team which thereby renders their leadership ineffective. If only we could say, "Go forth and do", and then know for sure we'd get exactly the results we want.

Sigh... In many cases, it just doesn't work that way. Effective leaders are clued into this reality and therefore ensure needed outcomes are achieved by equipping leaders/managers at all levels.

Are You Satisfied With Your Leadership Results?

...that of your leadership and management teams? If your answer is yes - read no further. 

However, if your answer is not 100% YES,  I have a suggestion - rethink leadership ...particularly executive leadership - what it means for you and your organization, the purpose and point of it.

JoAnn Corley-Schwarzkopf

        JoAnn Corley-Schwarzkopf  | Executive Advisor


|> the great debate - leadership vs. management

ReThinking Leadership

There's a lot in the leadership and management development space from entry level to executive that promotes many positive concepts and practices. And yet...I observed (and identified long ago by Peter Drucker), distinct gaps which has served to undermine leadership potential and business management effectiveness and ultimately profits.

What's Missing:

> The understanding and ability to not just lead from the top - but lead throughout

> This is Drucker's description of executive management -> organizational effectiveness

> Leading throughout means you impact the effectiveness or your entire leader/manager team, not just your senior group. This means training and developing all tiers and aligning them to mission, strategy and needed outcomes.

The most effective leaders - the ones that produce the most value understand this! The rare effective leader - as Drucker calls them - knows that to provide the best leadership...complete leadership (as we like to call it), must contain effective executive management. Leadership and management are not competing functions, but integrated capabilities. Additionally, effective executive management is not just successful operations management, but logically must include competent people managment as well. You can't have one without the other.

Without this view, the gaps continue seeping potential profits, weakening operations, and hindering the best use of a business's time and money when investing in executive development as well as the extended leadership and managment team.


|>So, If You Had to Choose...

If You Had Only 1 Choice For Executive Leadership Development...

or the development of your extended leadership and management team(s), what would you choose? What is the most important?

Focusing on the Point of Leadership & Closing the Gaps

When I pose the question in my leadership workshops, "What's the point of leadership?", I typically get a variety of responses. And, after robust discussion, everyone finally settles on the ultimate answer - getting results. Then, we clarify results. 

What kind of results?...ultimately the ones that matter most. Yet, many leadership development initiatives don't address this one, most important, ultimate goal. It just doesn't make sense.

Many are designed to focus on personal qualities, rather than specific behaviors that address the skills of executive management. A skill is a mastered behavor.

Peter Drucker highlights this in his book The Effective Executive. Though initially written in 1967 - his findings ring true today - leaders can have many good qualities, have great knowledge, important capabilities and still not be effective. They don't know how to translate those into something of measurable value. The main reason?...ineffective management of themselves and others.



|> Our reset & focus: boosting executive effectiveness

Becoming a Complete Leader - Integrating Leadership & Management

What Is It That You Want?

As fellow business owners, we deeply care about our clients' money and lives. We want them to invest wisely and spend their "life-time" in a way that they achieve what they deeply desire. 

Of any other leadership development opportunity, we've chosen to offer the one that matters most - integrating executive leadership with effective people management. Our term for this is "the complete leader".

And, I can confidently say - and I'm sure you'll agree - just about anything you need and want for your business or scope of responsibilities can be found there. People drive everything in your business. If you're a key leader, everything about business, operational or organizational outcomes, begins and ends with you and those you lead.


|> We Invite Our Leadership Reset To Be Yours - Here's Why

In summary, what matters most at any level of leadership is getting the most important results. To achieve this requires a fresh view of leadership - knowing what "effective" means for your leadership and seeing it as a skilled intergration of leading and managing. 

So, how can that be achieved?...particularly at the executive and senior leader level? 

Our Solution

Here's where we come in. In collaboration with clients, we've developed a systematic approach to marrying leadership, executive management - facilitating results - developing managers, and successful people management in the form of a blueprint.

Through our experience with human behavior in the workplace, we've identified 9 precise high-impact areas that if successfully addressed can quickly improve results - each producing a positive financial impact while improving your managers' competence. We then formulated these areas into an easy to follow blueprint so they can be addressed in a systematic way.

Note: If not addressed, these 9 areas are also where businesses will continue to lose money and provide the greatest opportunity for employee issues to develop.

This blueprint is designed to enable executive leaders to take strategic action that measurably and sustainably boosts their effectiveness while developing their managers' competence within 90 days without:

> major disruptions to their schedule

> enormous coaching /consulting fees

> all consuming, burdensome consulting initiatives

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We've worked with owners, senior leaders of small to midsize businesses, senior leaders of business units and departments of larger organizations (including governmental agencies).

Commonly, when thinking about senior or executive leadership training and development, people look for courses such as a senior management training program, an executive leadership course or seminar, or an executive leadership certification program.  Just about every client I've worked with initially said, "We don't need another "program or course", we need something that helps us get meaningful results." We agree!

Our view => you don't need another information dump leadership or management course, seminar or passive learning webinar, you need a blueprint you and your managers can systematicallly execute in unison that provides high-value results. - We talk about that here - We Do The Opposite


|> what's needed? Not another course But a proven blueprint

Using The Blueprint

Imagine having a tested, proven blueprint from which to assess, diagnose, plan, execute and monitor to maintain (after implementation it becomes a dashboard)'s the ultimate systematic integration of leading and managing people while rapidly developing your managers' capabilties.

Why rapid? includes a distinct design:

1. Because the action for each improvement area (building block) - uses behavior science. Science works! 

2. We have precisely identified - in collaboration with clients in real-time - 9 high-impact areas to address and consistently monitor. These are the areas that produce your quickest gain or biggest pain.

The blueprint also ...

serves as a guide to improve your business and operations  

mitigates organizational blind spots and employee problems

all while aligning your leadership team at all levels.

As one of our clients said, "When you work the blueprint - the blueprint works!" - View a quick overview here.

|> Taking action - why work with us?

The Dilemma - Becoming a Complete Executive Leader 

_ Executive, senior leaders are very busy. When do they "find the time" to learn how?

_ Internal forces in busy, high-demand environments makes it very difficult to enact and sustain meaningful overcome the inertia of change.

_ Many just don't know how or where to start.

We've solved the above. How? 

1> We've precisely identified the most important areas that need priority attention.

2> We've designed the blueprint to be integrated into your day-to-day experience while we provide weekly live support, along with supplemental short briefing videos.

You and your team embed learning and development into your real-time scope of responsibilities. You choose how to make it meaningful and relevant based on your current operational needs. You are in complete control over the value and return on investment you receive. 

This is quite a departure from typical training offerings where you go to a seminar or take a course and have to come up with random cases studies to apply what's being learned. Our approach - you and your team's real time needs are the case study. You and business or area of organizational repsonsbility become the case study!

This implementation model is created in a way for you to grow your capabilities as well as others while continuing to grow your company, business unit or department. This provides exponential value. We term it the "grow as you go" model. 

Remember, this is designed to help your gain substantial results without, major disruptions to your schedule, consuming, burdensome consulting initiatives and enormous coaching /consulting fees. 

The execution of the blueprint is precise, targeted, based on human behavior science and worth every penny. View our video explanation - Our Key Distinction - We Do The Opposite

|> Our distinction:Our approach is pragmatic-Results focused

Our Philosophy & Distinct Advantage

We adhere to and practically implement through the lens of human behavior science and business acumen the following philosophy: "Success isn't born, it's made. To us, success is a science. We don't believe in luck, fate or magic — only cause & effect. Our methods focus on the things with "causality", not social popularity (or typical, conventional approaches). We follow results, data and science - not the crowd." - Sam Ovens   

With This in Mind

Our focus & approach combined with how you integrate them into your daily operations, applying it to your realtime needs, takes the stress and “fos” (fear of spending) out of your decision. We have helped our clients experience "calculated, financially measurable success". With a recent manufacturing client, we enabled them to realize a 1 mil+ gain in their intial 90 day rollout.

In fact, we help and "require" you to calculate your potential financial gain before you decide to work with us so that you can be absolutely confident you will get the ROI you want and need. You are in the driver's seat and complete control using our roapmap, as we provide ongoing expert support along the way. View the video Calculate the Value

|> Next Step - View Video Briefings

What is it that you really want and need?

As you are answering this question, answer these additional 4:

What do I want more of in my business or leadership ability?

What do I want to increase?

What do I want to decrease?

What do I want to minimize or eliminate?

Your answers are very important...because they serve as your guide... they help you remain clear as you consider decisions to spend your hard earned dollars on any development or improvement  initiatives.

With those in mind - we invite your to view 4 short briefing videos to learn exactly how we can address the needs expressed in your answers. Go here now.

Or,  schedule a 30 min. Q&A call. You talk, we listen and there's a high probability you'll walk away with an action plan of some kind - whether you choose to work with us or not. Schedule Here


You're Invited!

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