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Our Passion is to Fill 2 Gaps:

1). Help business owners, senior leaders & their HR partners, world-wide, rapidly develop competent managers in a sustainable way, so they can be free to focus and enjoy growing a thriving business, business unit or department.

Gap: Leaders developing leader-managers in an effective, sustainable way.

2). Help emerging leaders become effective by quickly developing executive capabilities. 

Gap: We've noticed there is a development gap for this "in-between" level of leadership transitioning into "executive" roles.

Honestly, we just want to help people be successful and feel really good about what they do!

Through our Effective Executive Smart Management Solutions, (which includes our LinkedIn Learning courses), we fill the persistent gaps left throughout the years by traditional offerings that get little if any sustained results, and which leave decision-makers frustrated and cynical - feeling as if any attempt at "training" is just a waste of money and time.  This creates an unfortunate leadership condition called "FOS" ...fear of spending, which generates resistance to getting help when needed.

Are you Ready for something that actually works?

Are you finally ready to do what few business owners and senior leaders are doing?

If you’re ready to have - ready to take action to develop competent managers and help them build high-contributing teams, so you can lead more strategically, improve your operations to grow your business easier and faster, through increased “profit-ability", then you'll want to learn about our unique solution. Start Here  

This, by the way, applies to all leaders with P/L responsibility. I call it the skill of executive management - no matter the size of your business, business unit or department.

Here Are 5 Important Business Truths

1). If you’ve chosen to have or be a leader in an “employee-based business”, you can’t grow to full potential without effective people management and that requires competent managers.  

2). Incompetent, ineffective managers are costly.

3). To have competent managers, on-going, sustained management training & development must occur.

4). Many business owners, senior leaders, and even their HR partners experience a lot of frustration and stress around people management issues...and sometimes feel at a loss regarding what to do. Case in point - thousands of global HR professionals have taken my LinkedIn Learning course on managing employee problems with rave reviews! There clearly was need!

5). Being an effective executive is the first step and foundation for building a high-performing operation.

Here's the Dilemma 

Developing competent managers/management teams is a persistent challenge because conventional offerings leave out 4 critical ingredients: consistency and continuity in learning, simple principles of human behavior science and application support until the results are achieved.   So, in partnership with clients,  we've developed a solution that does just that!

Our Solution

1. We've created a comprehensive executive management blueprint that is easy to follow.

Through our 20+ years of experience and expertise in human behavior science, we’ve developed a 3 stage, 9 block visual blueprint that helps you build a solid management foundation and infrastructure from which you can simultaneously improve your executive effectiveness, operations, develop your talent and managers in a sustainable, and measurable way.  Can you imagine trying to build a house without a blueprint or a foundation?  Crazy right? Yet, it happens every day in business.

Our blueprint - The Effective Executive's Blueprint for Smart Management has been tested in some of the most challenging work environments and proven to achieve substantial results every time (there’s a reason behind the “every”).

Here’s why:

> Because of our expertise in combining business and people acumen, we are able to keep it simple & very focused.  So our blueprint targets high-impact areas of people management so that you can experience rapid results...some that can even be financially quantified within 24 hours

> Its building-block framework is designed to strategically leverage and fully integrate human behavior science, which can quickly boost your operational results. This is why we say "every"... you rely on science to achieve consistent results (vs. the underdeveloped "skills" of your managers).  As we say to our clients, "Work the plan and the plan will work!" Managers rely on science, which helps them develop competence. 

Effective management really isn't rocket science...just a little applied people science.

2. Continuous Support 

We provide weekly, on-going virtual support with set-up and roll-out of the blueprint. You customize its application to your distinct operational/management development needs and we stick with you to provide help for as long as you feel necessary. We actually develop real relationships with our clients. We become truly invested in their results.

The initial rollout of the blueprint is designed to be completed within 90 days for quick results, however, though we know change can be immediate - transformation takes time. So there is no arbitrary "end" date when we work together. Now, this is radical - you pay and one-time nominal amount and we support your efforts for a long as it takes for you to achieve satisfactory results.

Using the Blueprint: We use the blueprint as an initial assessment from which you construct an immediate action-strategic plan. We’ll even teach you how to calculate the financial impact of your actions (or lack of...yes the lack of action is costly too). With each building block of the blueprint, you can calculate the positive financial impact as the blueprint is being implemented. That's 9 opportunities for financial improvement for your company, business unit or department within 90 days!

So, if you want a reliable road-map that can confidently get you to where you want to go and will help you...

> create a smoother operation

> successfully develop your current and next tier leader/managers in a sustainable way 

> cultivate a positive culture of high-contributing teams  

> build a solid management foundation and infrastructure to handle your next stage growth 

> foster a learning culture that embeds problem-solving and innovation

> reduce your leadership-management stress by having the confidence to delegate

> free yourself to focus on the areas of the business you most enjoy or where your expertise is most needed

> improve the valuation of your company (yep, you'll want to ask me about this one).

...all while saving a ton of time and money, then you’ll want to take action now. 

Check out the smart management principles and practices thousands of folks globally appreciate and use to increase their confidence and competence as business owners, senior, mid-level leaders, and HR professionals. 

This is way beyond a "typical management training" offering. This is acquiring an operational blueprint from which competent leader/managers and teams can be developed.

Take your first step now toward becoming a more effective executive so that you can achieve better results - below are 3 recommendations.


I’d like to have a Conversation NOw


You’re ready for a complimentary 30 minute Q&A call. You’d like to talk about your business and what you can do to immediately jump-start improvements. We’ll use the blueprint to assess and make a plan. Click here

I'm Curious About Your Blueprint


We've created a 15-minute short video overview to help you get a sense of the blueprint structure and how the blueprint can be applied to your business. 

We've even included in the overview a unique element of the blueprint - how to financially calculate the impact of human behavior - employee performance. 

Click here for immediate viewing.

(Be ready to take a few notes!)

I need to work on myself first


Stage 1 of our blueprint is assessing all of your human resource capabilities beginning with the leader. 

Because this is the foundation and critical building block to successful implementation, we offer a first step initiative -

 The 3 Disciplines: How to Boost Your Executive Effectiveness. 

By the way, don't let the word "executive" throw you. Any leader wtih a breath of responsibility which might include P/L  is included in our definition, including HR professionals.

 Learn more

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More Food For Thought



Do you know how to successfully develop leader/managers? Is your entire leadership team effective managers? Do you know how to financially quantify your employees' contributions?

These are not common question when discussing "leadership".  Yet, for many executive leaders, these questions are essential...and the answer for many  is, "No".  And we's difficult to build a thriving business, run a department or business unit - to see your vision fully realized without competent managers to execute it. 

We've found that your leader/managers are either in the way or helping pave the way.

So, if your answer is "No", I'm confident it's costing you and the business.  As a business leader, entrepreneur and with a family with 3 others ( 3 different businesses across the country). We know the compounded stress of not having the right support in place (to you and your family)!

So...related to your operations and growth:

1). Do you need more competent, effective managers? 

2). And absolutely key => Do you have a reliable, consistent, sustainable way to develop them?

If you don't, consider working with us. Click here to learn more about our Effective Executive Blueprint for Smart Management. Or, if you feel your leadership might need a tune-up, learn more about our executive development offering - The 3 Disciplines here.