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We help you financially improve your business by rapidly developing highly effective managers within 90 days without disrupting your day-to-day operations.

Our Solution Works Every Time...Here's Why

We honestly address this unavoidable truth: To achieve sustained change when developing effective managers, you must begin with senior leadership. 

✔️This solves one of the most popular needs in business - the ability of senior leaders to successfully develop their extended leader/manager team & emerging leaders in real time, relevant to current business needs. It's embraced as a standard business management practice

✔️That's then duplicated throughout the organization, so that leadership and management practices are cohesive and aligned. We combine leadership-management training/development with organizational development for sustained results and substantial return on investment.

✔️Here's a persistent dilemma => traditional approaches to management training/development just aren't working. Our latest Kindle Short explains why : Top 10 Reasons

One Additional Reason & What Sets Us Apart

We adhere to and practically implement the following philosophy through the use of behavioral science that can be financially measured.

"Success isn't born, it's made. To us, success is a science. We don't believe in luck, fate or magic — only cause & effect. Our methods focus on the things with "causality", not social popularity (or typical, conventional approaches). We follow results and data, not the crowd." - Sam Ovens  

With This in Mind

Our approach & solutions takes the stress and “fos” (fear of spending) out of your decision. You can be absolutely confident you will get the results and ROI you want and need!...and you can test this at no cost!

 JoAnn Corley-Schwarzkopf | Executive Advisor

 JoAnn Corley-Schwarzkopf |  Executive Advisor

Where's Your Improvement Opportunity?

So Where are you?

There are 3 leader/manager tiers that directly affect successful management development.

▪️ Tier 1 - The Executive Level:  

An executive leader's personal performance and values => Model from the top. Imagine spending a ton of money on management training and then undoing it by senior leadership...happens everyday!

▪️ Tier 2 - The Senior Leadership Team

How they operate as reflected by the executive leader's intent & ability to cultivate a cohesive & effective senior team. 

▪️ Tier 3 - The Extended Management Team

Tier 1 & Tier 2 impacts Tier 3 and reflects the executive and senior leadership team's intent & ability (and commitment) to develop their extended leader/manager team. 

Our Solutions

We see developing middle management as an essential senior management skill. Again, model from the top with an intentionally aligned, leadership/management culture. => When a lower tier manager is not contributing/performing as needed...this is information about the leadership effectiveness of the senior leadership team - not HR, by the way.

Important Executive Leadership Reality: The lack of management training becomes an organizational issue.

__ I've observed Tier 3 to be the toughest and most neglected  because the consequences of not doing so are not directly felt by senior leadership (at least in larger organizations) and it's not seen as a business imperative.

__ It's also where many of the "trouble spots" occur within an organization.

__ And, where the least amount of development, improvement money is spent.

__ And...wait for it...where you will be most "in the dark" - when the most significant, costly issues arise. This area is where your executive blind spots live. And, unless you have the kind of company culture that allows issues to be quickly revealed in a healthy way, they will forever undermine your executive leadership efforts. 

__ This is the stuff that shows up on an employee survey and you say..."Man, I didn't know that was happening...or I didn't realize morale was that low...or that manager was so harmful." This is called executive blindsiding...and it can be costly!  When you use our solution, you won't be blindsided again!

As the executive manager of your operation...

Do you know what's going on at every tier of your organization? Do you see your executive role from an organizational - collective people performance - point of view? Our approach helps you consistently keep your finger on the pulse of your organization, while developing competent managers. Don't rely on periodic, annual "employee surveys" or reviews. It may be too late!  View this 9 minute briefing: Executive Effectiveness Via an Organizational View | Read Top 10 Factors Sure to Sabotage Your Business Dream (or executive leadership.


Executive Effectiveness : View a 9 min. explanation

Our Unique Solution

Our one of kind solution

Effective Executive Management is Management Development.

▪️ Imagine having a tested, proven blueprint...that rapidly improves your managers' capabilities, simultaneously improves your business operations and "profit-ability" as you stay organizationally informed. 

▪️ Why rapid?...because the action for each improvement area uses behavior science. Science works! 

▪️ We have carefully identified - in collaboration with clients (so we know it works) - 9 high-impact areas to address and formatted them into an easy to follow blueprint that can be used at any level of your organization. To build successfully - you need a reliable blueprint.

How to Use

1. Assess what's happening now using the 9 impact areas.

2. Create an action plan to address. 

3.  Use the blueprint to guide your execution, along with using supporting content provided for each step.

4. Record your actions, track what you're discovering and what's being improved (results), which includes calculating the positive financial impact of each step.

5. If you're managing and developing managers, use each block as an accountability check point.

As our clients have learned - when you work the blueprint - the blueprint works! 

Take Action Now - Improving Financially Awaits!

▪️ You can do so on your own or allow us to help. First, learn about the blueprint - view our short 15 minute overview - truthfully, you can make a plan and take action just from viewing this!

▪️ If you'd like help schedule a complimentary 30 min. Q&A call - the first one's on us!


Where to Begin? What Tier Needs Attention?

Your Leadership


Let's start with this question: Are you an effective executive leader/manager, founder or business owner? We've created an opportunity for you to test that! The 3 Disciplines - Boost Your Executive Effectiveness in 60 Days. Inspired by Peter Drucker's book The Effective Executive.  It's a prelude to the blueprint and a chance to work with us with limited investment while gaining financially meaningful results. Learn more



Is your senior team effective? Are they successfully leading, managing, developing your next tier managers? How is your collective leadership culture - which precedes and sets the framework for your company culture?  If you're not quite sure... we have a great HPLT - high-performance leadership team survey you can use. If you choose, we can then assist in creating a plan & closing the gaps through a variety of options. Learn more



We started at the top of the page talking about management development. Ultimately the Blueprint was designed for that use. Become familiar with the Smart Management Blueprint and learn how to deploy it throughout your organization as a uniform, reliable management development solution. 

It can also be used for pre-promotion development of emerging leader/managers & strategic on-boarding of newly hired managers for continuity and alignment. Learn more

** New Release **

Our Latest Kindle Short

Get it here

There is a huge corporate blind spot when it comes to management training. Have you noticed it? It's evident by the relentless stories about incompetent managers or one more person added to the pool of the promoted with no training or support. 

And, it truly defies common sense. Managers have a direct impact on all parts of a business! Yet statistically, there is more money spent on recruiting - acquiring talent - than ensuring those managing that talent are capable! So, we just have to ask the most obvious question. Why?

After 22+ years in the industry, I decided to write this short book to answer that question from my years of observation. Honestly, it was a challenge to narrow it down to 10. So, I chose the 10 that if addressed, would be simple to act on and have the broadest positive financial impact. 

So, If you’re a decision-maker regarding management training and development, this will be the most powerful and profitable piece of content you’ll read in a while - that is… if you act on the information. You'll find it to be direct and straight to the point. In fact, many pages will have just a few words - perfect for the busy speed reader. Ha! 

This booklet has 3 sections:

Section 1: The first is the top reasons why

Section 2:  Will help you calculate the potential cost of not having effective training 

Section 3. Will provide proven solutions so that you can confidently take immediate action. They will absolutely get you meaningful, measurable financial results, along with some bonus articles you won't want to skip.

 Enjoy the read! ...and be ready to create a plan!


Save thousands of dollars with better planning! Click the book to access.

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No matter where you turn, you can probably find a story of a good leader/manager who struggles because they're not confident or competent in managing people and therefore not fall short of achieving needed results.  That's why we've created a referral program.  You gain a generous referral fee by offering help to those you know could truly benefit from what we offer. Learn more here