Fast Tracking Your Results

Are You an effective leader-manager?

And...can you prove it financially? Some people may be able to answer the first, but very few can answer the second. We can help you say resoundingly yes! both through our Fast Track Intensive

Also, this is designed to address one of the main challenges in management training and development and that is time. I can't tell you the number of times I've heard people say, "We don't have time to go to class, take time out of my already busy schedule or let my manager go to a training." Well, we've solved the time dilemma!

The Optimum Way to Train

<>The optimum way to train and develop is with incremental learning  with a corresponding action that creates a desired, targeted result and which also feeds a learning loop. Most conventional approaches are information dumps - 80-90% learning - 20-10% action...if any.

When it comes to "soft skills" development, the best is 10/90 or 20/80 depending on the need. This our standard delivery method and it's in hyper-drive with the Fast Track Intensive.

And for those who are curious about the blueprint, here's your chance with a nominal investment to take it for a test drive while getting meaningful results.

Fast Track Your Results - Quickly Become Effective...and Prove It!

Here's what the Fast Track Intensive is designed to do. Using the smart management blueprint we

_ help you (and/or your leadership team) get improved results as you apply it to your real-time work... so it's meaningful & relevant to your role/responsibilities

_ measurably improve your effectiveness 

_ boost your confidence & sense of competence, while reducing your people management stress

_ generate a positive financial impact that can be measured

_ jump-start improvement momentum for you and your team 

_ lay the foundation for becoming a high-performing/high-functioning manager that knows how to develop that type of team.

Why rapid?

...because it's designed to quickly fill the gaps created by old school management practices that are largely ineffective.

... the blueprint is tested, proven

... it creates hyper-focus using weekly actions for targeted results

... actions for each building block uses behavior science. It relies more on science than an advanced skill (which takes time to develop). Science works! 

...we have precisely identified - in collaboration with clients - 9 high-impact, strategic areas for focused outcomes.


Take Action Now!

Next Steps

|> Options

Choose a complimentary 30 minute Q&A - request here

Choose a one time strategy session 90 -120 - see enrollment below

Enroll in the Fast Track Intensive - $2,500.00

This is intended to be an 60 day, short-cycle development opportunity 

It has... 

- a specific action item for each week, along with an estimated financial impact goal

- supporting material & content for each step - worksheets & bite-size learning/action videos

- live, weekly support/ feedback calls with your management mentor in a group format with fellow Fast Trackers) (Honestly, this part is invaluable!.. you're not in it alone and you can learn so much from hearing other's experiences and your management mentor's situational feedback...all which serves to accelerate your learning and quality of results).

- we'll bonus you 3 additional weeks to help support your momentum if you need it.

*The difference between this and alternate Smart Management offering - The Deep Dive is > this is designed to be a hyper-focused, short-cycle development experience for accelerated results. This is for those with a high intentional commitment to the experience and results.  The Deep Dive is a more in-depth 6 month implementation roll-out

Not quite sure yet? Take the complimentary Deep Dive Test Drive - click here


ONe time review-planning session

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

If you'd like to book a free complimentary call first - we offer a 30 min Q&A. Or book your 90-120 minute advisory call here. We'll use the blueprint to assess your needs and help you map an action plan, which includes calculating specific positive financial impact.


Fast Track 60 day Intensive

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

Tons of content & weekly-live support for 2 months of focused results: worksheets, bite-size learning/action videos for each step dedicated learning page/ measuring financial impact each week. Note: if you miss the weekly feedback calls - no worries they'll be recorded.


Your Investment

Pricing Content

 Pricing Context 

▪️ The average executive certification program ranges from $2,500 - $16,000 per participant.

▪️ The average cost of a senior management AMA (American Management Association) management 1 or 2-day course for a singular topic is about $2,200 - $2,500 per person with a strict policy of refunding or transfer if chosen dates don’t work. They are information dumps with no implementation support, not tied to real-time business objectives, no measures of success or financial roi (return-on-investment) and no accountability or support post-event.

In relation to our pricing, that’s a few senior managers for a couple of days (in many cases 1 day) of an overwhelming information dump and that's it...the end - no post-event support...just hope that "they got something out of it and that something will be put into practice". Hope is not a practical, realistic strategy for gaining a measured return on investment for executive management development.  


Now What? 

If you're not yet ready to make a decision to work with us, consider the following: 

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