Smart Management Series

Smart Hiring: Hire Beyond the Job Description

(Duration: appx. 28 minutes) | Download worksheet

We know what one of the biggest challenges for leader/managers & their HR partners is... finding and retaining talent. Our smart management approach addresses both.

Building block #2 of our blueprint: Knowing the capabilities, skills, talents of each team member; how they all specifically contribute to your business/operations, which also impacts the money spent staffing based on planning and preceived needs.

We want to help you hire better.  So through our lens of holistic operations and human behavior... this mini-course offers a more enhanced, dimensional view.

Additional Hiring Resources

Additional Resources

Here are a few hiring resources you'll want to have in your toolkit. Both are related to our smart management princple of hiring beyond the job description:

1). Emotinal Maturity - Emotional intelligence

Download EQ interview questions that can provide you clues and insights into their emotional maturity.

2). Behavior Preferences Patterns

a. Here is a download for behavioral interview questions reflecting various themes.

b. Also, you may want to consider a behavior assessment. By the way, whether you use ours and another, and you're in the U.S. and choose to use a pre-hire assessment, make sure it's EEOC compliant.

Not all are and Myers Briggs definitely is not. Here's a link to the PDA assessment we use. It's incredibly affordable and has a variety of very useful reports that are available without excessive charges. After reviewing, if it's something you'd like to explore, contact me and I'll set up a sample run through for you. 

If you choose to use the PDA, which is a global, multi-language resource, the cool part - there is behavior preference interview questions that come with it - so you can be mindful of your hiring needs related to "preferred behaviors".  (Why does that matter?.. read this article natural vs needed.)

     The  Smart Management Blueprint

     The  Smart Management Blueprint