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Making Difficult Decisions During Tough Times

We are a family of 4 business owners in different parts of the country. We are living the day-to-day challenges of making decisions about our businesses. 

So, I decided to put together this complimentary series. It's 5 videos - over an hour and half of content that addresses the following:

> The Fundamentals of Decision-Making -  How are they naturally made? Knowing this can help you make the best decisions...no matter the content.

> How to Work Through Emotional Confusion When Making Tough Decisions

> What's the role of personal & professional boundaries in work relationships when making difficult staffing decisions. 

> 3 videos specifically addressing how to make the best staffing/employee decisions - how to assess who to keep, let go, rehire, restructure. 

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I'd Like access to the 5 video series

We are waiving the $697.00 charge for the series and offering a "lite version" as a gift to fellow business owners and leaders. Eventually it will be a fully produced course with worksheets, transcripts, live feedback calls and audios.