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Want to Champion Great Management?

No matter where you turn, you can probably find a story of 

... a manager gone bad

... good managers who struggle because they're not confident or competent or 

... someone recently promoted that has little to no support, but want to quickly demonstrate their capabilties value

... senior leaders who don't feel equipped to effectively develop their next tier leadership and management team(s).

These are all too common scenarios...and where does it start?... "at the top". Did you know many executive and senior leaders do not know how to develop other leader/managers?

Let's face it, many companies worldwide do not have effective, sustainable executive management development and particularly mid-level management training, pre-promotion preparation or succession planning and therefore need help.  

Additionally, many decision-makers and their HR counterparts confuse training with development. Many want development, under the guise of training. 

At best, training at every level is seen as a periodic stand-alone learning event  - a senior management course or certificate in the context of a workshop, seminar, or e-learning module  - all information dumps - for a very short period of time. Development, however, requires change over time...and that's what's truly needed and what we offer.

Our Solution: The Smart Management Blueprint - a proven and tested 9 step roadmap to successfully achieve improved operational results while developing managers and teams.

Because our offer is so unique from what's available in the market today and the challenge to achieve successful managment training  is so pervasive, and with so many people experiencing the unfortunate consequences of ineffective management, we've decided to create a Referral Partner program. 

We are offering financial compensation to anyone who refers a company that becomes a client. You may have noted, our pricing is very transparent. The choices range from $2500 - 12500 and beyond.

Our Referral Partner program offers a 5% referral fee for each activated referral! Since the challenge of successfully developing managers is prolific, there are lots of referral opportunities. Imagine - 1 referral a month with an average fee or $400-500. Or, if this is something you'd like to consider full time, shoot me an email and let's chat.

Want more details?


Want more details? 

Download our executive summary

Become Familiar With The Smart Management Blueprint

This is a revised version of the introduction provided for those considering this resource. Feel free to download the corresponding worksheets.

As you view this brief video-keep in mind the blueprint is designed for multiple uses:

. basic management training

. pre-promotion planning & development

. a dashboard for executive management 

. developing Senior teams 

. onboarding newly hired leader/managers to rapidly demonstrate capabilities and value.

. a resource HR partners can confidently refer

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