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I took on the challenge of exploring Peter Drucker's era of leadership and management work (his book was originally published in 1967) with my era - 20+ years - of work. I was pleasantly surprise how aligned we are. Read what I discovered.

10 Critical Factors Sure to Sabotage Your Business Dream (and Leadership Intent)

Do You Really Care About Your Leadership Results?

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Are You an Average or Exceptional Leader

If It's So Simple Why Aren't More Leaders Doing It?

What Kind of Leader is Needed Now?

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Here's What's Great About Being Effective

No matter, male or female, novice or experienced, highly knowledgeable, moderately skilled...every leader can be effective if they choose to be so. Why?...because being effective is a set of disciplines - a set of behaviors - that override everything bring to life value of everything else. else!

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