And perhaps you should too!

Ever read the book entitled Essentialism? If you haven’t, it’s a great read! 

It made me think. It prompted me to ask myself, “What do I want to devote myself to in this next chapter of my work-life & business. 

After many years of travel, teaching thousands through-out North America, one on one client work, and being in a family of entrepreneurs (4 in different parts of the country) the answer was resoundingly clear. Do the 1 thing few do… fill the gap persistently left for years in helping develop effective, successful managers and provide practical executive leadership training and senior management training for middle management & upper level management who are emerging executives beyond the typical executive leadership course offered, such as an academic certification program.

Why? 2 Reasons

First - no business owner can avoid this fundamental truth - if you choose to be an "employee based business", you need competent management/managers.

Second - millions of dollars are spent every year on this need and yet in 2016 this quote appeared in the Harvard Business Review:   

“Managers are trying to solve their intractable people problems in any way they can. They’re exhaustively using all their skills to find solutions—in fact, most of the leaders and managers we have worked with are highly motivated and educated, yet when they confront certain people problems, their traditional approaches just aren’t working.”

Putting a Price on People Problems at Work. https://hbr.org/2016/08/putting-a-price-on-people-problems-at-work

It’s 2019, and not much has changed. Why?…because there is little innovation in this area. The blunt reality is professional organizations that service this area of business, exert great energy into maintaining the status quo...which sets you up for unnecessary struggle - wasting time and money!

Through my experience, over time it became clear what's been missing and why. So, I decided that in all the elements of HR and management in which I’ve had experience (recruiting, benefits, general employee training and development), nothing mattered more than this 1 thing. 

Everything about operations, growth, fiscal usage for employee based businesses hinges on this 1 thing - competent management.

So, I set out in collaboration with clients to develop a comprehensive solution. The result? an easy to use blueprint…a road map that:

… develops capable managers in a sustainable way while 

… cultivating highly productive teams that consistently promote profitable growth

… in conjunction with improving and refining daily operations.

It’s called The Smart Management Blueprint and applying it to your business is your executive advantage!  It bridges the perpetual gap between business management, people management while training and developing competent managers... boosting acumen in both areas.

If developing sustainable, competent managers is a challenge for you,  you can change that starting today! Consider the following actions:

1> Check out our briefing video Your 9 Point Checklist to Successful Management Development.

2> Option to view our deep dive video. In less than an hour, our video guide will walk you through the blueprint and show you how to apply it to your business with the intent of creating an improvement plan. You'll also gain financial insights regarding how to identify financial leaks in your operations.  It's like experiencing a private consulting session. I'm confident you'll find it eye-opening and worth your time financially. Click here

3>  Or, if you know you need to do something different and would like to schedule a 30 minute Q&A call to talk about some improvement options- you can do so here.

4> And finally, if you'd like to continue to learn more about the impact we're having and the value of the blueprint - subscribe to our Smart Management Advisory and become part of our smart management community via Smart Management Mastery Facebook Group.

Wishing you great success!

JoAnn Corley-Schwarzkopf | Executive Advisor

Globally Recognized HR & Management Influencer | LinkedIn Learning Subject Matter Expert

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