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The Executive Advantage Blueprint for Smart Management 

Introduction to The Smart Management Solution

Our Solution Is Your Relief

As an entrepreneur myself, including a family of 3 others (yes, our immediate family in different parts of the country, run 4 businesses!), I know (we know) the extra stress and frustration involved in growing and running a business when you don't have the appropriate knowledge and support. You should hear some of our conversations!

As a a busy owner or senior leader, I know what it's like when you need help but struggle with... 

Time...gotta take time to find the thing, the resources and the folks to help and that you can trust to deliver.

Results... worried - will it work and in the case of management training & development - will it stick and be sustainable? (unlike traditional the training industry we call this the "spray and pray" method...spray out the information in dumps and pray some of it sticks). spending precious dollars, will I get what I need and expect or will it be a waste? Will it be worth it?

That's why you'll find our solution so unique. What makes it one of kind? 

  • It fully utilizes human behavior science and therefore we can achieve rapid, reliable results.
  • It's embedded into your daily operations - training and development occurs while running and growing the business.
  • It's a blueprint that has been proven and tested in a variety of management /industry environments. We've taken the guesswork out of management training and development with a predictable, step-by-step blueprint.
  • You can use it over and over again, so it's serves as an ready pathway for high potentials and future management candidates (great for pre-promotion & succession planning).
  • It can be utilized by any manager/ team lead at any level.
  • The investment is one fixed amount - you'll be surprised at our unique pricing!
  • It includes daily & weekly live support and continuous learning for as long as you need it.

Our Smart Management Blueprint, helps busy business owners, senior leaders and their HR partners: 

1> quickly fill their knowledge gap  

2> dramatically improve their leadership and operational management by learning how to fully leverage human behavior science to rapidly improve results 

3>and financially measure and quantify that improvement, showing direct impact to the P/L.*

*In most cases, a substantial return on investment is realized in the first few building blocks.


15 Minute Video Overview

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Overview Worksheet

Recommended Next Steps


1. Take the opportunity for a deep dive - a 55 min. instructional video. Learn how to use The Executive Advantage Blueprint for Smart Management to improve your operations, team performance while developing your managers’ capabilities and improving your “profit-ability”. We’ll also walk through a current client case study. It'll feel like a private tutorial. :-) As a reminder, just about any people management challenge you'll find addressed within the blueprint.

2. Or, if you’re ready to schedule a 30 minute Q&A call (ask us anything)…we’re here to listen and help where we can. Request a call

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4.  Subscribe to our Smart Management Advisory - sent a couple of times a month to support your business building efforts through better management insights and tips…and periodically it will include an invitation to non-members for our live, virtual consulting roundtables. We consider them masterclasses. It’s where we take a bit more time to explore how to improve a key business driver.

5. View the 9 Point Checklist - if you're considering going it alone, you'll want to take advantage of this free video briefing that provides the checklist you'll need to design a successful management training & development initiative. Click here

6. Start with yourself:  If you feel as if you need to improve your leadership/management as the key leader, owner, founder, senior leader or HR professional - check out our unique executive development offering - The 3 Discipines: How to Boost Your Executive Effectiveness in less than 60 Days.

(Don't let the word "executive" trip you up... many people are executives, but don't consider themselves such...learn what I mean here.)