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We Offer Simple, Transparent options

|> You know what really bothers me when I'm looking for help? When I come to a website to learn what a company offers and then I have to jump through a bunch of hoops to find the information I'm looking for: 

_ What do you offer

_ How does it apply to me

_ Can you give a sample so that can I get a meaningful sense of how it works and...drum roll, please.

_ How much does it cost.

I vowed never to do that in my business. you go. 

By the way, you'll notice instead of using the word cost, I use investment. That's because everything we offer comes with a demonstrated financial return-on-investment. Calculating it at each step is embedded in the blueprint.

Our Offerings

▪️Executive Development / Senior Leadership Development

▪️Senior Team Development 

▪️2nd & 3rd Tier  Management Development  

▪️ Speaker (See below)


One Additional Offering

|> Speaker

▪️ Many of you at this site have known me a speaker and onsite learning or retreat facilitator. I still do both of these but on a very limited, case by case basis. If you'd like to consider me for your next event as a Keynote speaker, plan & facilitate your executive/leadership retreat, just email me and we can chat. 

▪️ Average booking fee: $7,500 -$15,000 / plus travel/expenses - depending on the preparation needed, location, time frame and any other significant factors. Range reflects keynote to 2 day retreat.

▪️ Note: You can also find my books on Amazon & courses on LinkedIn Learning


A Note About Pricing

|> Pricing Context 

▪️ The average executive certification program ranges from $2,500 - $16,000 per participant.

▪️ The average cost of a senior management AMA (American Management Association) management 1 or 2-day course for a singular topic is about $2,200 - $2,500 per person with a strict policy of refunding or transfer if chosen dates don’t work. They are information dumps with no implementation support, not tied to real-time business objectives, no measures of success or financial roi (return-on-investment) and no accountability or support post-event.

In relation to our pricing, that’s a few senior managers for a couple of days (in many cases 1 day) of an overwhelming information dump and that's it...the end - no post-event support...just hope that "they got something out of it and that something will be put into practice". Hope is not a practical, realistic strategy for gaining a measured return on investment for executive management development.

The Effective Executive's Blueprint for Smart Management

** New Release **

Our Lastest Kindle Shorts

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There is a huge corporate blind spot when it comes to management training. Have you noticed it? It's evident by the relentless stories about incompetent managers or one more person added to the pool of the promoted with no training or support. 

And, it truly defies common sense. Managers have a direct impact on all parts of a business! Yet statistically, there is more money spent on recruiting - acquiring talent - than ensuring those managing that talent are capable! So, we just have to ask the most obvious question. Why?

After 22+ years in the industry, I decided to write this short book to answer that question from my years of observation. Honestly, it was a challenge to narrow it down to 10. So, I chose the 10 that if addressed, would be simple to act on and have the broadest positive financial impact. 

So, If you’re a decision-maker regarding management training and development, this will be the most powerful and profitable piece of content you’ll read in a while - that is… if you act on the information. You'll find it to be direct and straight to the point. In fact, many pages will have just a few words - perfect for the busy speed reader. Ha! 

This booklet has 3 sections:

Section 1: The first is the top reasons why

Section 2:  Will help you calculate the potential cost of not having effective training 

Section 3. Will provide proven solutions so that you can confidently take immediate action. They will absolutely get you meaningful, measurable financial results, along with some bonus articles you won't want to skip. Get it here